Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Book Review: Two States-Story of My Marriage

I am back at it; yes, I am doing a review once again. No its time it’s not a movie this time its book. The book in question here is the latest release, number four to be precise, from one of the most successful (at least commercially) modern writer of recent times, yes you guessed it right I am talking about none other than Mr.Chetan Bhagat. “Two states-story of marriage” draws inspiration form the real life story of Mr.Bhagat’s marriage, I don’t know this writer told so. Moreover, I have no reason not to believe so. I have a confession here I didn’t like the last book of Mr.Bhagat “Three mistakes of my life” (add relatively here). Therefore, with this book, Mr.Bhagat has a mammoth task of retaining a losing fan and he should feel happy that he managed to do so. Mr. Bhagat I am a fan again. The book has a marvelous flow, once you start reading it there is just no looking back. I was just hooked to it, I just became a part I wanted to know what going to happen next. I know I am making it sounding like murder mystery, but this is the beauty. I read this book just after finishing a typical James Patterson novel but it didn’t have the same effect. A simple story is been told in a great manner. I will give full marks to Mr.Chetan Bhagat for this one.

PS: Go grab your copy at the nearest bookstall, its money well spent.

Lets keep this alive.

It has been a long time a wrote anything here, as a matter a fact I didn’t wrote anything anywhere. I thought that it would be fairly easier to maintain a small blog-spot of yours, but take my word its not, at least for me. Hats off to all you people who manage to maintain a flow of continuous writing on your respective blog-spots. When I started mine, I thought that I will keep filling in this space with this thing or that thing or something but was I wrong. Yes I was. I failed and I failed miserably.

So what now, what do I do now?

Oh I didn’t notice but I have posted something to my blog-spot J.

Now lets the fingers rolling (On Keyboard).