Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review, Not really.

Yesterday a random plan was made to saw the movie Aarakshan. I was not really gung-ho about the movie as I never found the trailers interesting enough to pay a visit to movie hall, but lack of good options and keenness for watching a movie resulted in "me watching Aarakshan".
Now let's get over with the introduction part and let's start discussing the movie. The topic as the name suggested is about the Reservation policy prevalent in our system. The matter is very sensitive and I was pretty sure that a film maker of Prakash Jha's stature will do justice to it. The movie started at a good note but lost the track somewhere in middle and started talking about parallel education system, public v/s private education system etc etc. Then to make the matter even worse it started portraying the personal rivalry of two main male protagonist Mr. Bachhan and Manoh Bajpei, but mind you I was enjoying every second of it, its just that movie was not really doing any justice to its title.
As far as the performance of actors are concerned Big B stole the show with his power packed performance, Manoj also did a wonderful job of portraying the role of power, money hungry professor. I felt there was nothing much to do for Saif and as far as Deepika is concerned she should stop acting right away, but if she is dead bent about becoming an actress she should try being heroine of other kind of cinema, I hope I am clear.
The final question, 'was it a VFM watch'? The let me answer with PVR's 50 rs weekday ticket any movie will be.;)