Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love Aaj Kal: A Review

My Very First Movie Review:

Love Aaj Kal:

I really don’t remember when it was the last time when I saw a movie on the very first day of its release. And frankly speaking I am no big fan of Deepika padukone or Saif Ali khan which could have made me do otherwise in case of Love Aaj Kal, its just happened. My dear wife showed interest in watching the movie and there we were.

So what you managed to understand from the title and promos of movie, what I gathered from these that it about what love used to be in yesteryears and what it has become today.
And at the very onset of my review I will make it very clear to the readers that Imtiyaz Ali, the director of the movie has done a fantabulous job of doing so.

Love is the purest form of human emotion. In past love used to be a chaste feeling devoid of any worldly and practical angles. Expectations were not sky high as these have became today. It was the last thing in the world that can be categorized under symbiotic relationship of give and take. But world is changing, we are seeing rapid growth, everything is changing some for good some for bad but changes are there nonetheless. In between all this Love has failed to manage to safeguard itself from getting corrupted. People has come with their very own definitions of love, they mould it the way they want it to. No. I won’t be getting into minute details; you are no fool so that you can’t understand what I mean. So what the conclusion is LOVE, the real love, is history? No its not. It still exists in its purest form here there or somewhere in the corner of heart of some. And It will remain so, LOVE is immortal, it will exist till the end of eternity.

This is no movie review, these seems more like my POV on the topic of love. I know that’s precisely what you are thinking. But the thing is I completely identify with the basic plot of movie, that love was here, love is here and love will be here.

And Movie is good, go catch it at the nearest movie hall at the very first given opportunity. And I should mention that Saif and Deepika have played their parts with complete élan.

Oh wait a minute the movie talk a about a new concept too, “Break Up Party”.

That’s all from my side.

Please drop a comment or two that how you liked or disliked my very first not so extensive movie review.
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